Session Skills Group Class

A few people have expressed interest in a group workshop about “session skills”. I’m looking forward to playing with some of you this July. To support our class, I’ve written up some (maybe too many) of my ideas.

Here are some notes on playing in an Irish session:

  1. How to choose a set of tunes
  2. How to lead a set of tunes
  3. How to change tunes

Everything I’ve written here is only a suggestion. These are not rules, just guidelines to get you started. All of these notes are based on my own experience. Make your own observations and adjust accordingly!

Above all, don’t be afraid to go out and play, and keep going out even if it’s uncomfortable at first. Listen, respect everyone, enjoy the tunes!

Table of Contents

  1. Choosing a Set of Tunes
  2. Leading a Set of Tunes
  3. Remembering How Tunes Go
  4. Changing Tunes in a Set