Weddings and special events

Every year I play a number of weddings and other special events. I enjoy working with people to plan music for meaningful occasions. Fiddlers before me have played tunes at these festivities for centuries. As we hurtle forward through time, it’s nice to be part of something that doesn’t change much.

My music works well for these events. There is an infinite number of tunes; it’s easy to fill time as needed (waiting for the groom to show up, maybe). Older Irish and Scottish traditional marches lend themselves to ceremonial settings that require dignity and feeling, but where timing can be unpredictable. Since they’re generally phrased in eight-bar passages, they can conclude logically and gracefully at just the right moment—if, say, the bride power-walks to the altar.

I regularly recruit my friends and colleagues to play with me. Instrumentation can include guitar accompaniment, accordion, uileann pipes (Irish bagpipes), flute, and banjo.

We play for ceremonies, for cocktail hours, rehearsal dinners and receptions. We can help you arrange for Ceili dancing, or for a contra dance for your guests. (I know a number of great dance callers.) For some crowds, social dance is a great way to bring people together.

A few times, people have asked me to lead their wedding procession while playing. I once led the recessional down a series of mowed paths on a steep hillside. I ended up taking a wrong turn and the happy couple had to run after me and herd me to the reception. If you think this kind of thing would enhance your special day, I encourage you to get in touch! :)

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