I have played the fiddle most of my life. I play mostly Irish tunes and traditional New England dance music. I play for concerts, dances (contra and square dances), weddings and other events. I also teach: 1:1 lessons, groups and at Maine Fiddle Camp in the summer.

In 2017 I went to Lithuania with my band Riptide on a State Department cultural exchange.

I played with The Press Gang, an Irish trio/quartet (now inactive) that toured in the U.S. and Canada in the 2010s.

Currently I enjoy putting together groups for various performances around New England. Until the pandemic, I played weekly with the Vacationland Ceili Band at a weekly session in Scarborough. I am always grateful for my many musical friends and adventures.

Web Development

I have worked as a web content editor since 2008, and as a developer since 2010. Building on the skills I taught myself as a teenager with an HTML book in 1999, I now build custom Wordpress themes for organizations and small businesses. I am increasingly interested in JAMStack development: this site is my first eleventy project, my new favorite static site generator.

I also offer strategic consulting around content development, communications strategy, and virtual event production. I have a full client list but I am always interested in talking about projects. Email me if you think I can help you.